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What We're About

Learn more about our Zitch Dog family, what makes us unique, and the story of how it all began!

We're here to help!

With Zitch Dog; you, your pet and your pet sitter are a team. No one is an island with us!

I am always ready to support my team and our clients (furry and human) with any questions or concerns. During sits, you can call your sitters directly and can always reach out to us during an emergency.

For your pets, we always go the extra mile!

Even if we are booked and cannot stay over with your pets, we will do everything we can to be available for requested check-ins so they can see a familiar face while getting to know a new sitter, and so you and the furry kids feel supported if you have a new person in your home.



Zitch Dog was an unplanned happy accident. It began as a fun side gig, I loved getting to explore different parts of the city and spend time with sweet dogs. One referral after another, it started to grow to more than I could handle alone and 5 years ago I added my first hire. 
Today, Zitch Dog is a thriving small, woman-owned business with plans for positive growth. I like to focus on community in the pet care world, not competition. 

If you think Zitch Dog is the right pet-sitting business for you

Please reach out! 

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