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The Standard Overnight

Our most popular service; walk, dinner, cuddle time & a sleepover. Your pet gets to keep their normal routine and stay in their own home! 

This service is best for dogs that can be alone for the majority of the day.

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A sitter arrives by 6PM to feed your pup dinner, take them for a walk and stays overnight. In the morning your dog(s) are fed breakfast and the sitter leaves by 9AM and is away until evening. If needed, you may add a check in midday for a potty break or social visit.

With all services, you will get daily updates and photos from your sitter(s) on the Pet Pocketbook app.


If your dog has separation anxiety or just likes more one-on-one time, we can accommodate that! You may add a midday and/or morning visit to help break up their day.


Some sitters have a flexible schedule and can arrive a couple of hours before the normal time for a fee. Note that not all sitters have schedule flexibility, so be sure you communicate the times you need at the initial booking.



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Your pet deserves the best care possible! 

Reach out to us!

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